We only list 10 Law Firms per country or jurisdiction. We work on a first come first served basis.  The 10 first Law Firms of each country that will fulfill all the criteria will be an accredited member of the LegalCrown Association.

The membership and listing in our Association lasts 12 months. Every 12 months we are evaluating the initial criteria of each firm. If all the criteria are successfully met and the membership fee is paid then your firm will continue being listed and ranked at LegalCrown Association.

Yes, the successful member firm will obtain a logo bearing the stamp as “Awarded as Top Law Firm by LegalCrown”.

From the moment that we receive all requested documentation the whole process of approval and award will take five (5) working days.

  • First, for joining LegalCrown association, please fill up the requested form below, in order to get in touch with you and provide with the membership application form.
  • Second, you have to fill up the membership application form and returned to us signed and stamped from the CEO or CFO, including all the mentioned requested documentations (company’s registration number, Local Law Association number, Partners biographies, company’s profile, publications, recommendation letters for at least 2 customers and any other documentation you believe will assist your membership application.
  • Third, a letter should accompany the membership application form that will answer the following questions:The reasons wishing to become a member of LegalCrown Association, Why you believe that your firm should have a place in the Top Awarded Law Firms of the world.


  • Fourth, after an approval of the membership application, the subscription fee should be settled.
  • Fifth, our marketing team will contact the responsible person of your firm in order to request all the necessary material needed for your presentation in LegalCrown Association.




Submit your interest to be ranked in LegalCrown’s Association Top Law Firms of the world.



An evaluation of your firms procedures and practice will take place and when you meet the criteria and there are is an available positions in the specific jurisdiction you are more than welcome to join the Top Ranking Firms of the World.



Distinquish from competition by letting your potential clients locate you, among the Top Law Firms Rankings of the world and let your business sky-rocket. Inform your customers that you have been awarded and ranked from the LegalCrown Association and your firm belongs in the Top Law Firms of each country so as to boost even more your business and credibility.



The ranking with LegalCrown Association is valid for 12 months. In order to maintain your status, you need to renew your ranking status annualy.


Contact us directly at info@legalcrown.com and within 24 working hours we will get back to you.