Frequently Asked Questions

After the thorough examination, what are the criteria for the ranking process of our law firm? 

The determinations of the positioning criteria after the thorough examination of your membership application form and the engagement letter from our in house counsellors are as below:

  • The Law firm should be accredited as a member of their local Law Association with a legitimate registration number.
  • Partners experience
  • Differentiation characteristic from other companies of the same practise
  • Must be able to communicate in English
  • References from Clients / business entities
  • Publications

Please note that the above mentioned criteria may vary according to the jurisdiction of each company and practise area.

What process we should follow in order to become member of the LegalCrown Association?

  • First, for joining LegalCrown association, please fill up the requested form in Contact Us section, in order to send you the membership application form.


  • Second, you have to fill up the membership application form and returned to us signed and stamped from the CEO or CFO, including all the mentioned requested documentations (company’s registration number, Local Law Association number, Partners biographies, company’s profile, publications, recommendation letters for at least 2 customers and any other documentation you believe will assist your membership application.


  • Third, an engagement letter should accompany the membership application form that will answer the following questions:


  • The reasons of becoming a member of LegalCrown Association
  • Why you believe that your firm should have a place in the Top Awarded Law Firms of the world
  • Your willingness of collaboration with other legal firms of the affiliation in order to provide international legitimate services.
  • Fourth, after the approval of the membership application, the subscription fee should be settled to our account number (details)
  • Fifth, our marketing team will contact the responsible person of your firm in order to request all the necessary material needed for your presentation in LegalCrown Association.

Our company is being located in a jurisdiction that is not listed. What we do?

In the Contact Us section you can send us your question and we will advise you how to proceed.

Please note that with your request you should specify to us other law companies that belong to your jurisdiction and may be interested in become members of LegalCrown Association in order to reach them.

What are the required actions in order to renew our subscription in the LegalCrown Association?

2 months before the end of your membership a notification email will be send to you in order to inform you about the steps you need to follow in order to renew your subscription.

Do we have to send the engagement letter with our membership application form?

Your engagement letter should accompany all the membership application forms since it incorporates answers needed for the ranking process.

What is the procedure for an article submission?

You can email your article at the indicate email address.  After the revision from our editorial team, the article will be published in the section News / Articles. Same practice applies for Press Releases.

In the case of the mistake where your article /press release needs adjustments then you must informed as soon as possible and resend the article added in the title UPDATED.

What is the idle time for publishing an article or press release?

Relies on the number of articles or press releases they are in line.  In most of the cases the articles or press releases are published after 2 or 3 days from the date of receipt.

What happens when the researches do not have adequate information for proceeding with our membership application form?

In that case the researcher will contact the responsible person in order to request additional information.

What steps should I follow in order to include my company’s logo in the home page of the LegalCrown Association?

You need to contact our marketing team at the indicated email in order to send you all the required information.

To what extent I might be able to utilize the logo of the LegalCrown Association on the digital or printed promotional material?

The lawful utilization of the logo is allowed form for 1 year.  When your membership comes to the end you must removed it from all the materials. Of course, if you renewal your membership subscription then you are entitle to use it for another year.

What is the duration of the membership subscription?

The duration of each membership subscription is one (1) year. After that period each member should apply for renewal by following some simple verification steps that are send with the notification email 2 months prior the terminal of the membership subscription.