Criteria of selection

  1. Organizations that wish to become members of the LegalCrown Association should have a proven practice inside the business zone they would like to be promoted.
  2. Their profile should fit to a client driven methodology that is planning to fulfill the necessities on a local and an international level.
  3. They should have an extraordinary experience and thorough knowledge of the international and local litigation with a business oriented profile.
  4. They should be members of their local lawful affiliation and verified partners in their law society.
  5. They should have the capacity to assist clients with multilevel requirements by acknowledging to them during the cooperation, the entire possibility scenario for their interest.
  6. They must pursue the moral law of assisting any individual or entity with all of their knowledge and expertise in their vicinity of practice.
  7. Member should reveal their standards, regarding ethics, code of conduct and conflicts.
  8. They should be competent to handle cases, regardless of time constraints and assure customers for their credibility.
  9. They should follow all the rules under confidentiality and intellectual property.
  10. They must be ready to acknowledge their companies profile and partners biographies.
  11. They must submit an engagement letter with their application form which will specify:
  • The reasons of becoming a member of LegalCrown Association
  • Why they believe that their firm should have a place in the Top Awarded Law Firms of the world
  • Their willingness of collaboration with other legal firms of the affiliation in order to provide international legal services.